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Narok (2005) Adventure, Fantasy, Horror | 23 June 2005 (Thailand) Hell (2005) with English Subtitles on DVD on DVD 4.1
Hell (2005) with English Subtitles on DVD on DVD
Director: Sathit Praditsarn, Teekayu ThamnitayakulWriters: Marisa MallikamarlStars: Wuttinan Maikan, Nathawan Woravit, Panyapon DechsongSummary: While traveling during the night, the Mask Mass Production van driven by Lae hits a bus and the driver and passengers awake in hell. Art, Ja, Chod, Oon, Kim, Uncle Tao and Lae are surrounded by demons that force to follow them through an inhospitable land to meet Satan. They learn that they will be judged and punished in accordance with their sins. However Art sneaks and finds a place were he sees that all of them are in coma in a hospital; therefore they might have a chance to escape from hell. But the sinners will have no chance to return before they are tortured for their sins. Will they have chance to live their lives? Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Also known as: Hell (on a region-free DVD).


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