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Bibleman: A Fight for Faith  Family, Sci-Fi | 49min | Episode aired 14 December 2004 A Fight for Faith (2004) with English Subtitles on DVD on DVD 6.1
A Fight for Faith (2004) with English Subtitles on DVD on DVD
Director: Jim StandridgeWriters: Brady Williams, Jef ScottStars: Robert T. Schlipp, Brady Williams, Heather McSmithSummary: With Miles Peterson enjoying his retirement, Cypher, Biblegirl, and U.N.I.C.E are introduced to their new team member, Josh Carpenter - the new Bibleman! Not to be outdone by a new Bibleman, the Wacky Protestor formulates a plan to not only re-invent himself, but to create a world where there will be no Christians, no churches, no Bibles, and no God! Using his latest anti-Christian invention; the neuroiconoclasticskeptisiser, the Wacky Protestor lures Vacation Bible School student leaders Gabriel and Olivia Phillips into his Animated Reconstructive Transport (A.R.T.). A world where there are no rules, no faith, no hope and no future! Will the Bibleteam be able to save Gabriel and Olivia before they are trapped... forever? Will the Wacky Protestor finally succeed with his latest plan? Join Bibleman, Biblegirl, Cypher and U.N.I.C.E. in their most exciting adventure yet as they practice 1 Timothy 1:18 and "Fight the good fight of faith"! Written by Bibleman Ministries
Also known as: "Bibleman" A Fight for Faith (on a region-free DVD).


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