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Power Pack (1991) Adventure, Family, Fantasy | 27min | TV Movie Power Pack (1991) starring Nathaniel Moreau on DVD on DVD 4.8
Power Pack (1991) starring Nathaniel Moreau on DVD on DVD
Director: Rick BennettWriters: Jason BrettStars: Nathaniel Moreau, Margot Finley, Bradley MachrySummary: The Power's kids have been given superhuman abilities, but that doesn't necessarily mean that adjusting to a new home will be any easier. Alex still needs to find his science book for class, Jack loses his retainer down the drain, Julie's room is a mess, and the youngest Katie just wants to be invited to play with the neighborhood kids. They each subtly use their powers to get by, but not with the approval of their parents who wish for the children to act normal enough so as to not attract undue attention. A typical day at school soon finds Jack accepting a challenge; to go into the abandoned spooky mansion of former circus owner Dr. Mobius. There Jack and his friends are soon startled and leave, but not before Jack picks up a medallion lying on the floor. Soon the object begins taking its toll on the Power's kids with an ominous storm overhead, and the phantom of Dr. Mobius beaconing for its return. Now Alex, Jack and little sis Katie have to enter the creepy mansion of Dr. Mobius if... Written by -Written by Nolan Hubbard<[email protected]>

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