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Neon Nights (1981) Adult, Mystery | 1h 25min | 17 May 1982 (Portugal) Neon Nights (1981) starring Lysa Thatcher on DVD on DVD 6.5
Neon Nights (1981) starring Lysa Thatcher on DVD on DVD
Director: Cecil HowardWriters: Anne Randall, Cecil HowardStars: Lysa Thatcher, Kandi Barbour, Eric EdwardsSummary: A nearly naked woman lies face down in bed, moaning in pleasure as a man (Robert) holds her down and whispers that she shouldn't be so loud or she'll wake the baby. ("The baby", a young woman in the next room, is in fact awakened by the sounds of the moaning.) He caresses her vagina, and she tells him to do the other thing. Robert obligingly tears her panties off and then penetrates both her vagina and anus with his fingers and spanks her.Hearing all of this, the young has gotten up out of bed and gone over to look in a mirror, removing the top of her nightgown and caressing her own breasts as she listens and applies red lipstick to first her mouth and then her nipple.Robert puts all of his fingers into the woman's vagina. In the other room, the young woman hears her saying that she doesn't want to come yet. She picks up a brush and runs it through her hair, before going over to a full-length mirror and completely removing her nightgown.Robert puts his thumb into the woman's vagina, "...
Also known as: Neon Nights (on a region-free DVD).

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