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Iris and the Lieutenant
| December 16,1946
Iris och löjtnantshjärta (1946) with English Subtitles on DVD on DVD

Directors: Alf Sjöberg

Writers: Olle Hedberg, Alf Sjöberg

Stars: Mai Zetterling, Alf Kjellin, Åke Claesson

Genres: Drama

Actors: Mai Zetterling,Alf Kjellin,Åke Claesson,Holger Löwenadler,Stig Järrel,Einar Axelsson,Gull Natorp,Margareta Fahlén,Ingrid Borthen,Peter Lindgren,Magnus Kesster,Allan Adelby,Ulla Akselson,Torgny Anderberg,Margareta 'Marjo' Bergman,Julie Bernby,Greta Berthels,Gerda Boman,

Summary: The officer Robert Motander is invited to a dinner with his upper-class relatives. During the dinner he observes the beautiful young house-maid, Iris. He suggests that the two of them go out to see a movie. This is the beginning o...


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