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Didn't You Hear?
| December 16,1970
Didn't You Hear... (1983) starring Dennis Christopher on DVD on DVD

Directors: Skip Sherwood

Writers: Karl Krogstad, Joanne Tilton, Mike Mickler

Stars: Dennis Christopher, Cheryl Waters, Gary Busey

Genres: Drama, Fantasy

Actors: Dennis Christopher,Cheryl Waters,Gary Busey,Tony Mumolo,John Kauffman,Terence O'Brien,Jack Kosslyn,Mike Mickler,John Rice,James Farren,Scott McBreen,Judy Nagle,Pam Sherwood,Katy Coyle,Cindy Bledsoe,

Summary: Kevin is wandering through the confused haze that most college students pass through at one time or another: lectures that make little - if any - sense, pranks by the fraternities and sororities, deep yet meaningless discussions o...


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