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Dead Meat (1993) Horror | 1h 47min | Video 1993 Dead Meat (1993) starring Nick Kostopoulos on DVD on DVD 6.5
Dead Meat (1993) starring Nick Kostopoulos on DVD on DVD
Director: Tom VollmannWriters: John Gonzalez, Scott HilgertStars: Nick Kostopoulos, James Darley, Reid OstrowskiSummary: A mysterious serial killer known only as the "Senses Taker" is leaving a trail of bodies with each of their five senses removed. As the bodies pile up, the police department finds itself further and further from identifying the killer. That's when detectives Brice and Mentum, much to their own and their captain's reluctance, are assigned to the case. Enter Simon, a seemingly mild-mannered and well-respected gardener for a local church who has more than gardening on his mind. He prefers to spend his quiet days stocking his freezer with fresh meat for his pet piranha. Quiet, that is, until the Senses Taker's slaughter begins. As the city's fear rises, so does the Senses Taker's media coverage. Proud of his "work" and tired of killing in relative obscurity, Simon decides he wants a piece of the pie and the battle for the top story on the nightly news begins. The body count rises, and the pressure is on Brice and Mentum to sift through the meager clues and catch their killer...or killers....
Also known as: Dead Meat (on a region-free DVD).


Dead Meat (1993) starring Nick Kostopoulos on DVD on DVD

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