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Dark Confessions (1998) Action, Drama, Horror | 1h 32min | 13 June 2000 (Netherlands) Dark Confessions (1998) starring Kate Rodger on DVD on DVD 3.7
Dark Confessions (1998) starring Kate Rodger on DVD on DVD
Director: Lloyd A. SimandlWriters: Chris Hyde, David SperanzaStars: Kate Rodger, Lisha Snelgrove, Rena RiffelSummary: When two American girls, Angeline and Jennifer travel to Europe looking for fun, they end up in a dangerous web of deception and danger when they cross the path of the corrupt agent, Ludwig. They can escape from his hands and flee into the woods, chased by a raging Ludwig. They reach a monastery where they think they are safe. But only then does the real misery begin, because the monastery is not at all what it seems. Here there are human auctions where the rich, dominant and powerful bid for slaves to satisfy all sexual desires. They have been located, framed and convinced to confess to a crime they did not commit or face a lifetime in a prison of women...now their innocence will be sold to the highest bidder. Written by Trakt
Also known as: Dark Confessions (on a region-free DVD).


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