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Bad Acid (2005) Comedy | 1h 15min | Video 8 August 2005 Bad Acid (2005) starring Freddie Dingo on DVD on DVD 3.4
Bad Acid (2005) starring Freddie Dingo on DVD on DVD
Director: Bill ZebubWriters: Bill ZebubStars: Freddie Dingo, Dave Howarth, Peter SteeleSummary: If you think it's funny to watch a drunkard, think of the fun you'll have watching someone on acid. This movie follows a doomed character who can't seem to go a day without tripping, venturing into one misadventure after another. Yes, taking acid can make a normal routine, like going to work, seem like an odyssey, complete with monsters (toilet sharks), perils (the sidewalk turning into an inferno), and beautiful maidens. Peter Steele from Type O Negative guest stars in this unusual comedy. Written by Bill Zebub
Also known as: Bad Acid (on a region-free DVD).


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