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11 Days, 11 Nights 2 (1991) Drama | 1h 24min | 18 October 1991 (Turkey) 11 Days, 11 Nights 2 (1990) with English Subtitles on DVD on DVD 3.3
11 Days, 11 Nights 2 (1990) with English Subtitles on DVD on DVD
Director: Joe D'AmatoWriters: Rossella DrudiStars: Kristine Rose, Ruth Collins, Frederick LewisSummary: After being married and soon separated, Sarah Asproon is recalled to New Orleans as a executor of Lionel Durrington, her former recently deceased lover, a member of the richest family in Louisiana, with the task of establishing, in eleven days, who, among the four heirs are the only one, is worthy of receiving the enormous patrimony of an amount that is still undefined. Soon Sarah discovers that, for different reasons, everyone desperately needs money and manages to seduce three of them, but when she dedicates to the fourth, Sonny, publicly performing in front of him in a strip club, discovers that the voices are founded on his impotence. Thanks to Dana, Sarah also learns that Sonny's disturbance arose after seeing his ex-girlfriend Francis narcotized and abused in front of her eyes by Alfred, who at the same time is plotting in league with other family members. Sonny goes to an institute for the treatment of his impotence. Providentially Sarah learns of the plot, disguises herself as...
Also known as: 11 Days, 11 Nights 2 (on a region-free DVD).


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