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Body the Movie DVD – Thai with English Subtitles

Body 2007 US Poster

Movie Review:

Chon is an engineering pupil residing in a rented home in Bangkok together with his sister, Aye. Chon is having unhealthy goals, wherein he’s visited by a ghostly lady who seems to have been dismembered and put again collectively. He additionally sees a misshapen black cat and infrequently sees a fetus. Chon typically finds himself in locations, similar to a musical efficiency, and can’t bear in mind how he obtained there.

Body 2007

After Chon slices his finger open whereas cleansing some prawns for dinner (the prawns had began transferring round and bleeding profusely), Chon’s medical pupil sister Aye takes him to the hospital in our Wikipedia entry.

Chon is ultimately referred to a Dr. Usa for psychiatric remedy. It turns into obvious to Dr. Usa that there’s some connection between Chon, herself and her more and more distant husband, Dr. Sethee.

In the middle of Usa’s investigation, she discovers there’s a connection between her husband and a mysterious college lecturer, Dr. Dararai, who possesses supernatural powers of hypnosis.

Body 2007 Horror Movie

In the meantime, Chon watches other horror movies on DVD, and they’re turning into more and more horrifying and actual. He’s repeatedly drawn to a spare room in his home, and when he opens the door, he sees a person chopping up a physique. When the person turns his head to take a look at Chon, the person’s face is Chon’s. It seems to be one other dream and after discovering that Dararai has gone lacking he realises that Dararai is lifeless and speaking with him, Dararai asks him to seek out her.

A educating assistant whom Usa questioned about Dararai finally ends up being killed in a grotesque accident involving barbed wire round a college museum exhibit. A younger physician additionally meets his finish in a vat of acid after speaking to Chon about Dararai.


Chon involves the conclusion that whoever tells of Dararai’s disappearance is killed and tries to cease the killings, however is all the time too late.

Again at their rented home Chon is being affected by Dararai once more who continuously says “discover me” and now discovers a secret room in the home (the one in his goals) which he suspected earlier behind a cabinet and discovers burnt images of Dararai and Sethee in what appears to be an intimate relationship. It now emerges that Sethee had an affair with Dararai and that Dararai took images of themselves in mattress with one another. Dararai wished to blackmail Sethee with the images or inform Usa and in consequence Sethee met up with Dararai, drugged her drink, injected her with a paralysing liquid and chopped her to become a huge hit in Taiwan movie review (within the hidden room that Chon finds).Body 2007 Poster

Chon is about to inform Usa that her husband has killed Dararai however whereas at her home he’s once more attacked by Dararai’s ghost who says she is going to kill his sister, enraged Chon stabs her with a pole in entrance of Usa and Sethee’s daughter Might. After seeing Might (who’s scared and terrified) he leaves to seek out his sister.

These occasions between Usa, Chon, Sethee and Dararai(and her ghost) result in the college hospital’s morgue, and physique quantity 19. Chon goes to the morgue and discovers that the physique within the morgue, which is in drawer 19, is definitely Chon’s physique. Chon has, the truth is, died a few years in the past and Sethee who has a a number of persona dysfunction believes that he’s Chon when in actuality he has killed the educating assistant, the physician and has stabbed his personal spouse Usa who he believed was Dararai’s ghost when he was believing he was Chon.

He’s arrested however due to his psychological well being points his trial is placed on maintain. A flashback happens again to the scene when he’s about to drug Dararai’s drink. It’s revealed that Dararai was conscious that Sethee has drugged her drink hypnotises him and provides the movie English subtitles even for Taiwanese who watched this movie.

The flashback finishes and he’s being escorted to jail in a van together with his Attorneys within the van(to guard his security). He escapes out of the van and runs from the police and legal professionals, He runs in entrance of one other van that’s carrying steel poles on high. The van stops in time and would not run over Sethee however the steel poles are flung off the van and so they all hit and impale Sethee. He’s left on the street with a lot of steel poles pieced inside him.

Body 2007

The final scene reveals Sethee in hospital being operated on, he’s unconscious however all of a sudden Dararai’s ghost seems and it seems her ghost wasn’t a part of Sethees psychological thoughts for Buddhist believers which was actual and manipulated Sethee. She lastly reveals that she forgives him and after clicking her fingers his thoughts goes again to regular however this makes Sethee acutely aware once more and wakes him up midway by means of his operation leaving him screaming in ache as Dararai disappears and the ending credit present and the movie on DVD can be found here.

Conclusion – Even if you don’t like subtitles, it’s still a horror movie at it’s best.


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  1. This review is very good including the DVD photos.
    Thank you.

  2. The best action movie at it’s time, they don’t make movies like this any more

  3. where can I buy this DVD with English subs?

  4. Body the movie is great, thanks for this rare DVD

  5. Body is a very underrated movie and I hope they release a sequel to it.

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